#rockingmotherhood challenge


I mom fail all of the time.  I know I do.  I think we all have things that we know we aren’t the best at when it comes to being a mom, maybe its parenting style, or discipline, or trying to hard to be friends with our kids, rather than making sure they are on the right track to adulthood.

I’m totally guilty of being a bad mom from time to time.  BUT…. this is not about that.

This is about what i’m doing that is right.

And so, I’m taking the #rockingmotherhood challenge.

10 Ways I am #RockingMotherhood:

  1. I don’t sweat the small stuff – Sometimes, I leave the laundry in the basket in the living room so we can go outside to enjoy the sunshine.  I leave dishes in the sink while we go get ice cream.  I don’t get mad when my two year old yells in the house.
  2. I drive around and turn up the music.  Sometimes this is more about me than it is about my kids… I can’t help how much I love the windows down and the music turned up.  I’m not sure I’ll ever grow out of this. And we aren’t talking “old people” music… which brings me to number 3…
  3. I can choose songs that are going to be hits before they are hits.  My daughter is always annoyed when I play a new song that she doesn’t know… and two weeks LATER, shes playing it in the car.  Its a great feeling because we actually have conversation about music and share that with each other!
  4.  I ask my kids how their day was, and I LISTEN to them.  Obviously, when you have a 15 year old and 2 1/2 year old, their days are COMPLETELY different.  Its fun to text my sitter at the end of an evening and ask her what they had for lunch, to see if Maddox is telling me the truth about having hot dogs…  I feel like this lets them know that I am really here for them, no matter what they feel like talking about, whether its high school drama or daycare lunchtime.
  5. I make sure we have family dinner.  Even though I’m a mediocre cook, I still make sure that whatever we are eating, we do it together.  Sometimes our schedule makes dinner time tough, so I try to accomadate. My son might have to have a snack to tide him over, if my daughter has a sports practice or rehearsal.  We don’t eat together every night, but we try to alot.
  6. I try to relate.  I know its tough to be a teenager…. I remember it, and some of the crap that went along with it. I know there are problems with friends and falling outs.  I also know that sometimes, this is going to be my daughter’s fault, because she like everyone else, is not perfect.  I’m not afraid to share with her some of the stories from my past, and to try to help her find a lesson in the situation she is dealing with.  I will admit though, sometimes I get accused of “lecturing”  and being slightly long winded.  I know if you asked Cameron, she would tell you that some of her funniest moments with me were during these times, so I guess that means I rock at making some amazing memories with her as well! 🙂
  7. I get on the floor and play.  I’m just as guilty as the next mom when it comes to phone usage.  I will admit though, when my son looks at me with his sweet face and asks me “will you pway with me, mommy,”  I will toss that phone on the couch and get down there to play, blocks, dinosaurs, and his favorite, Mr. Potato Head.  Besides, without me, I’m not sure he’d ever figure out how to fix Mr. Potato Head’s butt.
  8. I like to be a prankster.  There have been many times where my poor husband has been the focus of pranks.  We’ve tried to flour him… (throwing water on him and then flour, but we only caught his arm hair)  We have dumped buckets of cold water on each other in the shower, or heck, even while in the kitchen.  I’m not afraid to have a food fight, or to wipe peanut butter on one of the kids faces, or try to play any type of practical joke on them, within reason, I must state… nothing like those crazy Youtube parents…  If you ask my daughter what some of her best memories of growing up will be, I bet she tells you one or two about the prank wars held at our house.  Even her friends are willing to join in the fun, and I’m guessing some of their most memorable moments had to do with some sort of prank that was done at our house.
  9. I love them equally.  This one is kind of funny, but anyone who has a stepchild will understand.  When you marry the person you choose to marry, you marry every thing and every one that comes with that person.  I have been blessed to get to help raise this girl in my life, and I just can’t wait to be apart of her future!   That being said, she would probably tell everyone that I love Maddox more than I love her.  If he was old enough, he’d probably say the same about her.
  10. I know I fail sometimes.  I get that this seems funny, that I would pick this as a reason that I rock, but if you never recognize your mistakes, how can you teach your children to be humble?  How can you treat them that when you make a mistake, the best and most adult way to handle it is to own up to it, and try to make it better if you can and if you can’t, acknowledge what you did wrong and try to never do it again.  If you are able to use a fail in life as a moment to make yourself better, then I am a firm believer that you should.

Okay.  Ten reasons that I think I rock as a mom.   I really would love to hear from other moms on how you rock!   Too many people that judge other moms for the way they parent their kids, and I think we should work on changing that.  We should be working to help each other.


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